Rent "It's Yours - a Story of Hip-Hop & the Internet" (2019)
76 mins
By the dawn of the 21st century, Hip-Hop sales had reached an all time high, but one thing remained the same. The doors were still locked and the music industry held the keys. Young artists began to self-market on the internet, ultimately helping to collapse the music industry as we knew it.
Filmed over ten years, “IT'S YOURS -Hip-Hop & the internet” explores when it became possible to become a rap star through a Twitter account, Youtube site or Myspace page. 
It gives close attention to some of the most innovative and enterprising of these artists as they were doing it : Wiz Khalifa - who went from being dropped by a major record label to becoming the break-through artist of 2011 all thanks to the support of his fans and his commitment to building a buzz on his own. 
Artist and marketing genius Lil B -whose bizarre creativity has produced new trends in style, fashion, music, and production in a short timespan.

Media darlings
Odd Future - who took the music industry by storm by becoming the DIY evangelists of today’s Hip Hop generation, the collective doing all production, graphics and videos by themselves. And Syd- who went from being Odd Future’s sound mixing engineer/dj/producer to front woman of the electronic soul band, The Internet.

The film also examines the pitfalls and achievements of this new ever changing landscape; from the controversy that besets lyrics website Rap Genius to the origins of a social and political movement like Ferguson.
Director/Producer/ Writer: Marguerite de Bourgoing
Co-Producers: Val the Vandle, Rebecca Haithcoat, Taj Frazier, Ninoclas Manuel
Editor: Eric Pritchard
Graphics: Cyril Durignon
Associate Producers: Jasmin Ratansi, Patricia Patton, Moses Lujan, Philippe de Bourgoing
Consulting Producers: J. Kevin Swain, Anthony Maddox
Photography: Kasey Stokes, Ayla "Brass" Montgonery, Laurent Lawson, Brick Stowell, Julian Berman
Music supervisor: Jeff Gray
 Sound mix: Fox Fagan 

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