Director/Producer/ Writer: Marguerite de Bourgoing
Co-Producers: Val the Vandle, Rebecca Haithcoat, Taj Frazier, Ninolas Manuel, Alexandre Perier
Associate Producers: Jasmin Ratansi, Patricia Patton, Moses Lujan, Philippe de Bourgoing
Photography: Kasey Stokes, Ayla "Brass" Montgomery, Laurent Lawson, Brick Stowell, Julian Berman
Consulting Producers: J. Kevin Swain, Anthony Maddox
Music supervisor: Jeff Gray
Director of Photography: Marguerite de Bourgoing, Bradden Duemler, Laurent Lawson
Editor: Eric Pritchard, Helene Pasquet
Graphics: Cyril Durignon
Sound Mix: Clement Chauvelle, Fox Fagan
Color grading: Reda Bebar

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