“We’ve been around, it’s just the world caught up to the  web” Curren$y

           IT’S YOURS



BY THE DAWN OF THE 21st CENTURY, HIP-HOP SALES HAD REACHED AN ALL-TIME HIGH, BUT ONE THING REMAINED THE SAME :the doors were still locked, and the music industry held the keys.UNTIL…

Young artists began to self-market on the Internet, ultimately helping to collapse the music industry as we knew it.

Filmed over ten years “It’s Yours” explores how it became possible to become a rap star through a Twitter account, Youtube site or Myspace page. It gives close attention to some of the most innovative and enterprising of these artists as they were doing it:

From Wiz Khalifa – who went from being dropped by a major record label to becoming the break-through artist of 2011.

To artist and marketing genius Lil B -whose bizarre creativity has produced new trends in style, fashion, music, and production in a short timespan.

Media darlings Odd Future – who took the music industry by storm by becoming the DIY evangelists of today’s Hip Hop generation.

And Syd – who went from being Odd Future’s sound mixing engineer/dj/producer to front woman of the electronic soul band, The Internet.

The film also examines the pitfalls and achievements of this new ever changing landscape; from the controversy that besets lyrics website Rap Genius and the closing of legendary record shop Fat Beats to the origins of a social and political movement like Ferguson.

Watch exclusively  here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/itsyours


Wiz Khalifa



The Internet

The Foreign Exchange

Lil B

Odd Future

Action Bronson

Tef Poe

Fab “5” Freddy

Too Short

Chuck D

B Real

Terrace Martin

Kendrick Lamar








Written, Produced & Directed by Marguerite de Bourgoing

Co-produced by Val The Vandle, Rebecca Haithcoat, Taj Frazier, Nicolas Manuel

Associate Producers: Jasmin Ratansi, Patricia A. Patton, Moses Lujan, Philippe de Bourgoing

Production Co-ordinators: Brandon “Belvi” Banks, Nicole Dawley, Ebony Walton, Matt Davis

Photography: Kasey Stokes, Ayla “Brass” Montgomery

Edited by Eric Pritchard,

Director of Photography:  Laurent Lawson, Braden Duemmler, J Nyce

Main graphics: Cyril Durignon

Original Music: Vann Clayton, Toby Wincorn

Poster artwork: Julie Berranger

Consulting Producers: J. Kevin Swain, Anthony Maddox